Government fraud has a tremendous cost.  When individuals or companies take advantage of the government, taxpayers are forced to foot the bill.  One way to stop this abuse is to take legal action against those who are committing fraud. 

The False Claims Act was enacted by Congress to encourage private citizens to file cases in the name of the United States to recover damages when false and fraudulent claims are submitted to the government.

This type of action is called a “whistleblower” or qui tam (pronounced key tam) lawsuit. In these cases, private citizens who report the fraud may be able to share in the recovery of money damages and penalties. 

If you think you might have such a case, don't hesitate to contact the law frm of Sweet and Associates.  Let our firm stand with you against corporations and individuals taking advantage of taxpayers.  Our attorneys have the experience to ensure that your whistleblower case is properly handled resulting in protection against retaliation and significant reward for bringing wrongdoing to light. 

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