Putting the client first is more than just a phrase at the Jackson, Mississippi-based law firm Sweet and Associates. Attorney Dennis C. Sweet III and his staff use legal knowledge, trial experience and a reputation for success to give their clients a distinct advantage in every legal arena.

Sweet and Associates’ clients have a team of lawyers who know the law and can maneuver successfully on their behalf in every legal arena from misdemeanor criminal matters to wrongful death cases. Attorneys handle cases in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Illinois and Washington, DC.

The Firm has earned a national reputation for excellence based on its performance and results in cases followed across the country. Washington v. YMCA, et al. was the first Mississippi civil trial aired nationwide on Court TV. It ended in settlement. The murder trial of Elicia Hughes was featured on Dateline NBC. She was acquitted. Sweet’s $150 million verdict against American Home Products resulted in a global settlement for all affected by the company’s diet drug, fen-phen.

Healthcare fraud, corporate litigation and whistleblower cases are among the other arenas where Sweet and his staff have had success. Sweet demonstrates that the type of case matters less than putting legal expertise, hard work and the needs of the client before all else. Protecting freedoms and getting fair compensation for people in need motivate the Sweet and Associates’ staff. “There are no small cases, just small lawyers,” Sweet says.